Project Management

From Eugene Eric Kim

This is a mishmash of GTD, Kanban, Scrum, and Pomodoro Technique.

  1. Capture everything in trusted buckets. In this case, Trello boards.
  2. Organize buckets by projects. In this case, a combination of boards and card colors.
  3. Create a Kanban Board with three columns: Planning, Doing, Done. Doing can have no more than three cards at any time.
  4. Assign cards story points based on "two-minute tasks" (2 points) and Pomodoro cycles (10 points) using Scrum for Trelllo Google Chrome extension. In other words:
    • You can do five "two-minute tasks" in a single Pomodoro cycle. Why only five? I assume padding in-between for context-switching and underestimation.
    • A full day's work amounts to 100 points: 50 in the morning, 50 in the afternoon. That translates to five hours of focused work throughout the day.


I use a combination of Trello, Wunderlist, and Gmail with multiple inboxes and superstars.

KanbanFlow has built-in Pomodoro, but I don't like the usability as much, as there's not as much of a developer community using it as Trello.

DropTask looks like Trello with circles and multiple views.