Multi-Region DVD Player

From Eugene Eric Kim

DVD region codes are one of life's great travesties. Fortunately, some clever do-gooders have helped regular schmoes like me get around these silly codes.

Panasonic DVD-S52

Confirm that your firmware is 00E410 by doing the following:

  • Turn on your player with no disc inserted and wait until noDISC is displayed.
  • Press and hold PAUSE + OPEN/CLOSE on the player
  • Now press 7 on the remote
  • Release all buttons
  • The players display shows your system controller and version briefly.
  • The first 2 (or 3) numbers displays the system controller generation
  • The letter is the system controller model
  • The last 3 digits is the currently installed firmware version

Now download the hacked firmware, burn it on a CD-R, and follow these instructions.

To set the player region-free once the new firmware is installed, do the following:

  1. Be sure players drive is empty (nodISC)
  2. Enter following key sequence using remote control: Enter, 6, >=10, <<, 0, Audio, 8, 1, Subtitle, 4
  3. Player will reset and set to "region-free" and "RCE-free" mode

Many thanks to the great Video Help site for pointers to this firmware and these instructions.