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Notes {nid IFL}

I should probably use my blog for this, or maybe for these sort of random jottings. And I probably will. Nevertheless, for now... {nid 2KP}

Foundation for Electronics Recycling and Reuse (510-653-6412). Will pick up electronics for free. {nid 2KQ}

Spirit Guides. Found these guys at the Palo Alto Art and Wine Festival in 2004. They have great statues. {nid D5O}

At BlueOxenAssociates' second anniversary party, JimSpohrer and JanHauser told me about AndrewGalambos, a quirky libertarian intellectual who held very strong views on intellectual property. {nid DXP}

Drafts {nid IFM}

  • WikisAsTopicMaps {nid IFN}
  • XdiDataSharing {nid IFO}