Wiki Interoperability

From Eugene Eric Kim

How should more than one installations of Wiki software interact with each other (whether or not they are running the same version of the software)? That is the key question for Wiki Interoperability. I've been working on a research/vision paper on the topic, which will be released in June 2007.

Hi Eugene. Not really sure if this is the most appropriate way for dialog on your wiki... Please let me know what is.

I am interested in exending your interoprability question to include blogs and forums as well. As a user of Collab:WordPress and Mediawiki, I find myself installing the Mediawiki Markup for Wordpress ( on every blog.

I wonder if we can come up with some kind of universal human markup language that is adopted across all these collaborative tools. An almost natural language that can also elegantly and unambiguously be processed by software.


Succes en plezier,

Martien van Steenbergen