Tom Bihn

From Eugene Eric Kim

See Mobile Lifestyle for more on my travel storage needs.


I own three Tom Bihn bags, and I love them all. I have a sapphire Brain Bag, which I acquired in 2008 for my trip to BurdensLanding:India and BurdensLanding:Ethiopia, and which I ended up using as my primary work bag. I use it for camping, too; it's great.

I bought an olive/cayenne Medium Cafe Bag in September 2010 as a day and travel bag. It was inspired by Jessica's extra small Timbuk2 messenger bag. I like Jessica's bag, but they don't make it in the same style anymore. I love the Cafe Bag. Just the right size, it's portable, it's very functional, and it looks great.

I bought a conifer Synapse in March 2013 as a medium day / hiking bag.

I want a small shoulder day bag designed to hold my MacBook Pro and a few additional items. It needs to be larger than my Cafe Bag but much smaller than my Brain Bag. The Ristretto seems perfect.

However, I'm also looking for a camera bag for my Olympus OM-D EM-5. Ideally, I'd like it to be the same as my shoulder day bag. The Co-Pilot would be perfect, except it's not quite big enough for my MacBook Pro. Apparently, Tom Bihn is currently in the process of designing a slightly larger bag for exactly this purpose, dubbed the "Pilot." I'm guessing it will make its debut sometime in 2013.


Brain Bag:

  • Brain cell for my MacBook Pro
  • Vertical Freudian Slip for files, pens
  • Snake Charmer for my chargers and cables



  • 3D Clear Organizing Cube for toiletries
  • Travel Tray for staying organized when I travel