Publications/Selected Articles

From Eugene Eric Kim


"The MIT Lightweight Languages Workshop."
Dr. Dobb's Journal. February 2002.
"Dialog Mapping
Solving Wicked Problems."
Dr. Dobb's Online Op-Eds. September 5, 2001.
"Programming & The PC Revolution
On to the next 25 years...."
Dr. Dobb's Journal. January 2001.
Code Can Be Revealing."
Open Source Developers Journal. Winter 2000.
"The Future of Programming."
Dr. Dobb's Special Report on Software in the 21st Century. Fall 2000.


"Mozilla Spawns Seeds of New Technology" August 20, 1999.
Success or Failure?" August 20, 1999.
The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving."
Dr. Dobb's Online Op-Eds. May 17, 1999.
"Ada and the First Computer."
Scientific American. May 1999.
"Is the Sky Falling?"
Outdoor Retailer. February 1999.


"Beyond the Mouse
Engelbart and Social Change."
Dr. Dobb's Online Op-Eds. December 11, 1998.
"Why UNIX Will Prevail."
Windows NT Systems Magazine. July 1998.
"Programmer Shortage
Fact or Fiction?"
Dr. Dobb's Special Report on Software Careers. Spring 1998.


"Making Your Move
Programming As A Career."
Dr. Dobb's Special Report on Software Careers. Fall 1997.
"Tufte on Visualizing Information."
Dr. Dobb's Online Op-Eds. August 5, 1997.
"Special Report On Harvard Conference On Internet And Society."
Dr. Dobb's Sourcebook. September/October 1996.
"Programming CGI In C."
Dr. Dobb's Sourcebook. November/December 1995.