Motorola Moto X

From Eugene Eric Kim

Acquired November 2013. Probably the best smartphone I've owned. Great battery life, great performance, love the personalization, love Google Now (even if it is a bit creepy). The only flaw is that the camera sucks.


The default camera sucks. Specifically, the white balance / color capture sucks. I've replaced it with Pro Capture, which is much better, more configurable, but maintains a simple UI. I'm also using Camera MX for video, as it also has superior white balance, and it claims that it has unlimited video time.

I've got a lightweight ephemeris app, but if I want to go more aggressive, two apps that caught my eye were:

Also of interest:

I'd really love an app where you can log photos taken on your film camera or manual settings. Alas, I couldn't find one. May have to write it.