Learning Korean

From Eugene Eric Kim

My basic strategy:

  • Learn like a baby. That means immersion, babbling, and constant trial-and-error.
  • Learn visually. I'm a visual learner. It's easier for me to learn vocabulary when I can visualize what it looks like than when I hear it. So flash cards are a must, and also children books.
  • Traditional learning. I'll take a class too, but the above two will be my main vehicles.

See also Collab:Learning.

Other Resources

Anna Lena Schiller recommended Weekly Korean podcast.

Bea Youn recommended:

Phoebe Ayers said this methodology was very similar to Rosetta Stone. Unfortunately, the Korean version of Rosetta Stone was rated fairly low.

The apps for Android are sadly scarce, but there look like some great learning apps for the iPod and iPad: