Laser Barbecue

From Eugene Eric Kim


The grill will mostly be used for parties, so it should have plenty of space.

There should be space for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

The fire should be easy to start and maintain.

It will largely be used for high-heat grilling rather than low and slow.


  • Laser starter (w/ optional dry ice smoke generator).
  • Thermostat-controlled grill actuator.
  • Two grills, each separately controlled. Could be used for high-heat/low-heat or vegetarian/non-vegetarian or some combination thereof.


Sung to the tune of Spider Pig:

Laser 'cue, laser 'cue
Does whatever a laser 'cue does.
Can it start up your grill,
Yes it can, it's a laser 'cue.
Look out, here comes the laser 'cue.