Google Voice

From Eugene Eric Kim

Porting Vonage to Google Voice

I have one of the precious 415 numbers (no longer available) for my personal Google Voice account, which I use as my home phone number. I wanted to port my work number (on Vonage) to my Groupaya Google Voice account. Unfortunately, Google Voice will not port from landlines. So, I needed to use some trickery.

On October 29, 2011, I bought a pre-paid T-Mobile SIM card for my unlocked GSM phone for $10 and paid an additional $10, which gave me 30-minutes free talk time. I then called and initiated the number transfer from Vonage to T-Mobile.

I got an SMS on November 1, 2011, at which point I started porting my T-Mobile number to my Google Voice (which cost another $20).

Once your OBI is set up, be sure that Google Voice is configured to forward calls to Google Chat.