From Eugene Eric Kim

Things I Really Like

  • It will find social media links based on name / organizational affiliation alone

Things I Miss

  • Activity stream that shows all changes to the system, not just tasks / emails / notes
  • Ability to check multiple contacts and do bulk actions
  • Wish there was an automatic dedupe
  • Filters only allow for AND, not OR
  • Miss the ability to define relationships between different customers (e.g. spouse)

Google Contacts Sync

  • Organizations are synced as "[undefined]"

See also:

MailChimp Integration

The native integration requires that MailChimp get its list from Capsule. Instructions are at:

For more two-way integration, see this ebook. I could also use CloudWork.

Wufoo Integration

Documentation: Wufoo web form integration

  • Name, email, and phone numbers mapped to Capsule fields
  • Single-line text fields mapped to custom fields
  • Everything else is added to a note
  • If an email address maps, modifies the entry. Otherwise, creates a new one