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  • Template: Date-Filename

Metadata: EEK Basic Import

  • Basic Info: Check and clear Caption
  • IPTC Copyright:
    • Copyright: Eugene Eric Kim
    • Copyright Status: Copyrighted
    • Rights Usage Terms: CC BY
  • IPTC Creator:
    • Creator: Eugene Eric Kim
    • Creator City: San Francisco
    • Creator State / Province: CA
    • Creator Country: USA
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  • jf Creative Commons: CC BY


  • Organize: By date
  • Date Format: YYYY/YYYY-MM/YYYY-MM-DD

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Lightroom uses Lua for scripting. See Lightroom Development Center for the API and more details.

Jeffrey Friedl has lots of great technical posts on photography. Here are some relevant Lightroom posts:

More plugins:


LensTagger lets you edit EXIF information from within Lightroom. It uses ExifTool, a command-line Perl script for editing EXIF data.